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Pet Services

Shackelford Pet Services

320-C Main Street
Savannah, TN 38372
(731) 438-3121
[email protected]

In 1926, R. E. Shackelford moved to Savannah, Tennessee, in hopes of opening the town's first funeral home--something that many in town said would never last. It has, and today the Shackelford family has followed R. E.'s lead and ventured into somewhat unknown territory.

On February 15, 2011, the Shackelfords opened Shackelford Pet Services. Their goal was to provide the same level of care that they have shown families all over West Tennessee for so many years to a group of people who have been neglected up to this point:  pet owners.

For many, a pet is almost like a child, and for some a pet is even more. These people also need someone to help them in times of loss, and Shackelford Pet Services will do exactly that. With cremation, pet cemetery burial, and private burial options, Shackelford Pet Services is committed to serving the people of Hardin County and the surrounding area.

Services & Pricing

Services & Pricing

Communal Cremation - $75
Your pet will be cremated along with other pets. Your pet's ashes will be scattered in our cremation garden.

Individual Cremation - $275
Your pet will be cremated alone and includes a basic urn and cremation certificate. Other urn choices are available if you prefer to upgrade.

Private Home Burial - $300
This includes burial of your pet, a funeral service, and a burial certificate.

Grave Opening and Closing for Horses/Ponies - Starting at $500
We will dig a grave for your horse or pony and appropriately close it after burial.


We offer several choices of urns, caskets and other memorial keepsakes. Below are some of the many options we have available for you to choose from.

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